Testal and Taramancos

Testal and Taramancos are two beaches situated close to the town of Noia at the throat of the Noia-Muros ria.

In the early "two thousands" (i.e. 2000 to 2005) these interconnected beaches were two of the most picturesque that I had ever seen, however a combination of tidal changes (and possible removal of sand) have seen them totally ruined.

Today these beaches have lost all of their once fine white top sand and they are now made up of something akin to compacted mud. The disappearance of the sand has also left the beach level something like 3 to 6 feet lower than it previously was, and the result is that rocks project out everywhere. All told a once beautiful beach (or collectiopn of beaches) is now an eyesore.

During 2013 and 2014 a ria straddling bypass bridge was built across the estuary from Testal. This will no doubt have further effects on the two beaches in terms of tidal currents. Whether these effects are positive or negative remains to be seen.

To see what this beach once looked like navigate to the Noia section of the guide and then look at the page for Testal.