Posted: 28.10.2005.

Galicia's Xunta Invests in Improvements to the Barbanza region of Galicia

The Galician parliament or Xunta has allocated 26 million euros for improvements in the Barbanza region of Galicia, 16.7 million euros alone being allocated to improve the road network of the region.

More than 4 million euros will be spent on the road network from Brion to Noia, plus some works in Noia itself as well as the near by town of Negreira. There are also to be major improvement works on the route from Outes through to Muros at a cost of three million euros.

Boiro will play host to conferences of environmental interest

Various conferences will be taking place in Boiro between the 2nd and 5th of November dedicated to the wealth of natural spaces in the Galician region. These events will celebrate not only the environmental aspects of the area, but also the Barbanza's archaeological and cultural wealth.

The objective of the organisers is to allow people to get to know the natural wealth to be found in the Barbanzan mountain range and to make plans for its public promotion and usage.

The intention is not only to inform people about the potential of this part of Galicia, but also to promote initiatives for the region's long term sustainable development.

Local Government in Santiago to expropriate abandoned buildings in the historical quarter

We may not be too far from seeing the disappearance of abandoned houses and properties in the historic quarter of Santiago if a pioneering new law is approved. The City Council of Santiago de Compostela are bringing in new laws to allow them to acquire buildings that are abandoned or in a ruinous state.

The Council will put together a registry of plots and buildings that need to be rehabilitated. Once on this registry, if a building has not been restored, or an application has not been made for the registration within two years of going on to the registry, the council will have the right to confiscate the building from its owners. The concept sounds ruthless, but may be the only way to deal with the massive problem that the region (as a whole) faces in respect of neglected buildings.

The Council's first priority will be to encourage the property's owners to restore it, but if they are unable to do so it will be placed on the market. This registry will also allow the Council to expropriate property that is currently under dispute, e.g. problems regarding inheritance claims.

The public will also have the right to ask the Council for permission to restore an abandoned property once the two year term is up.

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