Getting to and travelling within Galicia

This section will provide you with some basic information (including links to other pages) about how to get to and travel around Galicia. It also offers some awareness tips that should assist you in planning and enjoying your holiday stay without being caught out by any national differences or disparities. Use the index to the right to navigate to the guide information that interests you.

For details of flights from the UK, USA and Ireland, go to this 2013 flights to Galicia page.

Whilst none of the information in this guide is swayed by advertisers or sponsorship, references are made to some commercial airlines and car rental companies. This is in response to e-mails we have received and the suggestions and comments we make are based on our own experience, or feedback from visitors to Galicia Guide.

Unfortunately, for the moment, all specific flight and car hire information is based on UK sources. If details of US (or other) carriers are passed on to us, we will include them.

Scheduled bus travel in Galicia

The airports at Santiago de Compostela and la Coruna both have shuttle buses that depart (approximately every hour) for their respective city's main bus station. From there you can either catch local buses that service different parts of that city, or a special bus called a "Castromil".

Castromils travel inter-province, i.e. you can get a Castromil from Santiago's main bus station to Lugo, Ourense, la Coruna, Vigo etc. These buses also stop at other other towns on route and enable you to get to just about anywhere. For more information on both these services please use the links below (the second of which is in Spanish, but you can still get the details that you require.) Please do not contact us for route details, bus timetable etc. Everything that you need can be found via these two links.

1. shuttles to stations
2. Castromils

Finding villas and hotels in Galicia

If you want to find a hotel for your holiday in Galicia, take a look at our Hotels in Galicia page, or alternatively our general Accommodation index page. From these pages you can find information and tips about booking hotels as well as finding houses and apartments in Galicia.

Flights to Galicia

Use the button in the menu to the right for more details about air travel, but in short direct flights from the UK to Galicia's airports are by two carriers, namely Ryanair and Iberia (and their economy alternative - Clickair). These flights are only available from Heathrow or Stansted (london) and fly to Santiago de Compostela or la Coruna. Connections from Madrid and Barcelona are available from other airlines.

All flights from the USA will be connections from Barcelona or Madrid. So you will need to find an airport in the USA that flies to one of these cities and then arrange the connection.

For tourist information about Galicia's cities, towns and sightseeing attractions, go to our Galicia main page. From here you can access all the different areas of the site.

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