About Galicia Guide

Galicia Guide is an on-going and constantly updated guide to the region of Galicia in Northern Spain. It takes the form of a large number of mini guides describing the locations that we think a tourist, or potential property purchaser, might be interested in visiting.

All the views and opinions included are based on the first hand experience of visits to the various towns and cities of Galicia, either by ourselves or our readers and we try to give the guide a personal rather than disassociated feel.

Please see this page for our Privacy policy.

How the site came about

GaliciaGuide.com was started in March 2005 and was at that time primarily a guide to the town of Noia. The site had a very different look, but although visitor numbers were small, many people emailed us and most asked if we could include further information about the other towns and cities in the region. We duly obliged and the site expanded to cover the provinces, towns, cities and villages that now number over 80 individual mini guides.

In May 2006 we started to include limited commercial content, mainly as a result of visitors requesting information about hotels, flights and car rental. We now offer some of these services through Galicia Guide.

Contact us or add your view of Galicia

If you have visited Galicia and would like to add your view or opinion for the benefit of future visitors, please contact us with your thoughts, report or mini guide. We will be happy to add it to the site. Also, please do not be deterred if your opinion is a negative one. As you will see from our guides to Ferrol and Finisterre, we are not always totally complementary about the places we visit. Contact us at info@galiciaguide.com

Thanks to

Many people, along with the webmasters of numerous other websites, helped us in the early days of Galicia Guide. Thank you to all of them and in particular to
Those who emailed us with positive feedback, ideas and often content that they had put together for us.
The other websites who gave us backlinks when we were a small new site and particularly spanish-living.com who published a couple of articles we wrote for them.
Colin Davies, for his help and hospitality, both over the internet and during our many visits to Pontevedra in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
Laurie Lambert, for his photos, feedback and encouragement.
The many people who have emailed us, especially those who have given us their views of Galicia, usable content, or who have become long term friends, particularly Pepe and Jo, Rose Marie and Vicente, Heinrick and many more.

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