Posted: 21.11.2005.

The remodelling of two streets will modernise the historical centre of Noia

The rearrangement and refurbishment of the two main entrances to the historical center of Noia, the "Rua Escultor Ferreiro" and the "Rua Galicia" will give an air of modernity to the area which has suffered the ravages of time. Also included in the project is the remodelling of the former market area opposite the Alameda, "el Campo de Feira".

The three projects are part of the agreements set out in the Plan Local Operativo (POL) and the Plan de Infraestructura Locales (PIL), which will also include the development of the "Rosalia De Castro" sports hall. This hall is also close to the alameda.

The purpose of the works is to ensure that the historical centre of Noia is given the importance it deserves. The council want to have the area as a showcase for the main commercial part of the town.

In both the "Rua Galicia" and "Rua Escultor Ferreiro" the council will be extending the paths all the way down as far as "San Bernardo" and replacing them with stone and replacing the curbs.

On "Rua Galicia" there will also be new trees planted and proper regulation of the parking areas (although that will have to be seen to be believed). Benches will also be placed at various intervals.

As mentioned earlier, the council also intend refurbishing the "Rosalia de Castro" sports hall. The primary works will be the replacement of the roof which is currently leaking.

The remodelling of the "Campo de Feira"

In past years the "Campo de Feira" has seen many changes. It used to be where the people from the countryside brought their livestock to sell. In recent years it has become a sort of park, but hasnít been able to compete with its more spectacular neighbour, the Alameda.

It has become a problematic place and seems to have attracted the not so welcome element of society such as drug users. People have not felt safe walking through the area despite the fact that Noia is a very safe town.

The main purpose to the proposed works are to bring the "Campo de Feria" back into favour and make it an integral part of the town again, rather than being on the periphery. The project will include the moving and replacement of the current fountain to one end of the field. At the opposite end, where the pergola currently stands will be two kiosks. One will house the tourist information office and the other will be a cafeteria. Stone sidewalks will be placed around the perimeter and grass will be laid around them.

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