We are again accepting direct paid advertisements on this website (having stopped doing so 2 years ago). If you want a quote, email us (ads@galiciaguide.com) with what "you want/would like" and we will see if we can sort something out. As a rough guide, a banner or large add on our property or villa page will be between 500 and 1000 euros for 12 months.

To find out how we generate site income, or to find out how to use adsense to advertise on Galicia Guide (and other websites), click on the appropriate "AdSense" or "AdWords link below

  • See information and examples of our internet presence and performance on search engines.

We offer a range of advertising options enabling you to promote your

  • Property (villa, casa or apartment) holiday rental

  • Car hire service

  • Organised tour or airport pick up service

  • Hotel or guest house

  • Estate agency or property purchasing and facilitating service

  • Restaurant, bar or ANY OTHER BUSINESS

How our advertising works

Galicia Guide has over 400 pages of information rich content with an average word count of approximately 700 words per page. The appeal of the guide is its completeness in offering everything that a prospective holiday maker, or house hunter, needs to explore and make reasoned decisions about their Galicia plans.

For someone interested in Galicia, once on the site there is little reason to look elsewhere.

Our typical visitor looks at 8 pages per visit and every page on the site has 4 prominent buttons at the top of each page for

Book your HOTEL, Rent a VILLA, Find a PROPERTY and Transport and tours.

Put simply, it does not matter where any of our visitors are, they are never more than one click away from your advertisement and they have over 400 potential opportunities to look at it. Depending on the advertising option you select, up to 2 additional links can be included on the town or city guide pages most appropriate to your service, product or its location.

To find out more continue reading, or follow the links at the top of this page for more details about our advertising rates, special offers and presence on the internet.

3 reasons to advertise with galiciaguide.com

1. A targeted audience

    Unlike most web sites featuring Spain our content is about Galicia and no where else. We have a highly targeted audience looking for information about, and services connected with, Galicia - not Spain generally.

2. A First look

    We attract holiday makers to Galicia before they even know they are going there. Our site is the first port of call for anyone interested in finding out about the area. It is the biggest English language guide to Galicia on the web and by a mile. That means that our visitors start looking around this site, often before they think about booking a hotel or villa and this makes galiciaguide.com the authority site they come back to again and again. As a result, galiciaguide.com sees your potential customers long before any of the dedicated hotel or villa sites do.

3. A captive audience

    Over 30% of our daily traffic is made up of return visitors who reach the site from a "Bookmark" or "Favourites" list saved from a past visit. These are people who come back to the site multiple times as they explore the area and contemplate holidaying there. They are not casual browsers, these are people who start off finding out about Galicia and ultimately find themselves arranging a holiday there.

Contact us at advertise@galiciaguide.com

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