Find a Galicia Villa, Casa Rustica, Finca, Chalet or apartment for holiday rental

This page is intended to assist you in your search for vacation accommodation including holiday rental villas and apartment in Galicia and northern Spain. In Galicia, most holiday rental companies offer villas that may be described as a finca, chalet or casa. These terms are especially popular when referring to accommodation in “out of town” Galicia and rural Spain. They all mean house or villa, but with a more regional slant. They are good search term to use on the internet.

Galicia is a large geographic region, so you should be able to find holiday villas and holiday rental homes in or near to places like Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra, Sanxenxo, O Grove, Cambados, Muxia and many other popular resorts and destinations. You will also find converted farm houses and beach houses in and close to many of the more popular towns and villages and these are ideal if you want to have a more rural setting.

If you intend to rent a holiday villa through a villa rental company (and the big villa rental companies nearly all have villas in Galicia), you will find that most of these companies have a section covering Galicia, Asturias and other northern Spanish or Green Spain regions. Do however be aware that you are not looking at the southern costas, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Click this More Villas in Spain link to see further information about both Spanish and Portuguese villas. Portugal is on the southern Galician border and is a good place to base yourself if you want to explore southern Galicia, e.g. Pontevedra and parts of Ourense. Portugal is also serviced by the large international Oporto airport in the north of Portugal. There are regular flights from this airport by numerous airlines.

Galicia holiday house or villa hunting tips

Finally, remember that finding a house or villa in Galicia is not quite as easy as it is in some of the more popular parts of southern Spain - You need to hunt around a bit, but they are there and there are plenty of them.

Most villas in Galicia tend to be close to the beach, in a rural country setting, or near one of the main cities, particularly Santiago de Compostela or Pontevedra. Villas are also more commonly known as casas (another word for house) in the north of Spain. The four main Galician provinces are la Coruna, Pontevedra, Lugo and Ourense, with the regions biggest city being Vigo, so searching for these localities is a good starting point. Other good vacation bases are Santiago de Compostela and Sanxenxo (if you like a beach resort), so look for these as well.


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