Galicia Spain's main tourist cities in brief

If you want a quick summary of each of Galicia’s main cities, this should suffice. For more information, click the heading in question.

Santiago de Compostela

Galicia’s premier city with a majestic cathedral and several other buildings of comparable stature, aesthetics and tourist appeal.
The cathedral at Santiago de Compostela Without doubt Galicia’s most visited and popular city with foreigners and for good reason.
Plenty of hotels and restaurants with international menus and sometimes prices to match.
Suited to the culture buff or casual tourist who likes to wonder and explore.
Serviced by an international airport and several tourist offices with bi-lingual staff.
Must see/do: Get the "all access" pass for the cathedral’s hidden treasures.
Ideal duration of visit, 2 days.
Negatives: Always very busy and difficult to find parking.


A Provincial capitol with a complete Roman wall enclosing its old town, plus a cathedral and an attractive town square.
 Lugo's Roman wall Has an increasing number of foreign tourists although numbers are still limited.
Of interest to those who like to explore.
The old town has a tourist information office with English speakers.
Must do: Walk on the Roman wall.
Must see: The spectacular chapels in the apse at the rear of the cathedral.
All the city’s main sights can be seen in a day.
Approx traveling time from Santiago de Compostela is one and a half hours.
Negatives: Other than the cathedral, no other monumental scale buildings.


A Provincial Capitol with an old quarter, several notable buildings, a museum complex and some attractive squares.
A square and church in Pontevedra old town Always busy, especially with passing pilgrims, and in possession of some great people watching spots in its cafes lining the main squares.
At least 3 tourist information points with English speakers.
Can be explored in a day.
Must see: The circular Pilgrim’s church.
Approx traveling time from Santiago de Compostela is one and a quarter hours.
Negatives: Some parts of the old town are less appealing than others.


A Provincial Capitol with a medieval district and Galicia’s second largest cathedral.
The cathedral in Ourense A genuinely beautiful old town with a central square called the Maior that rivals any in Galicia.
Largely un-visited by tourists.
Has 2 tourist offices.
Can be comfortably explored in a day.
Must see: The facade of the church of Santo Eufemia and the Maior plaza.
Approx traveling time from Santiago de Compostela is two hours.
Negatives: Is located in the middle of nowhere.

A Coruna

A provincial capitol and Galicia’s second largest conurbation to Vigo.
The council building in A Coruna A massive city with a completely different appeal to Santiago de Compostela.
Many buildings feature an architecture approach that uses the Galician “galeria” style of enclosed balconies and these give parts of the city a distinctive look.
Famous sights include the world’s oldest lighthouse and the harbour front.
Ideal duration of visit, 2 days.
Must do: Take a trip on the old London trams that run by the coast side.
Must see: The lighthouse and palace and, if you are English, Sir John Moore’s tomb.
Tourist information offices are found throughout the city with bi-lingual speakers.
Approx traveling time from Santiago de Compostela is one and a quarter hours.
Negative: too big to be easily explored on foot.

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