O Pindo

O Pindo is a typical example of a pretty little Galician beach side town. It lies roughly between Finisterre (Fisterra) and Carnota in la Coruna province. O Pindo You approach it on the AC-550 coastal road travelling northwards up the coast. As you look down on the town from above it really is one of the most picturesque beaches imaginable.

Right, the stunning little beach at the town of O Pindo.

The town of O Pindo is small and aside from the obligatory bars and a church has no real points of tourist interest, but the beach is certainly one to behold. The town literally sits with nothing but a road between it and the sands and a mountain rises up behind O Pindo with an ancient and crumbling stone tower half way up the slope.

Looking out to sea and on a tiny outcrop of rock, sits an old lighthouse and all of these features combine with the blues and greens reflected off the ocean to make O Pindo something a bit special.

Visiting the beach

If you want to try out the beach, there is a small car park as you enter the town and there O Pindo are some shower facilities by the beach's edge. Cafes and a couple of bars are within walking distance and the beach is normally very quiet, even in Spain's main holiday month of August.

If you like the idea of spending a day beach hopping, O Pindo is also nicely positioned close to some other great beaches including San Fransisco, which can get very busy, and the massive but relatively quiet Carnota.

Above and below, two more views of la playa de O Pindo, helped by the hot and sunny weather.

O Pindo

La Vuelta

For those who watched the Spanish cycle race, la vuelta, on TV in 2012, you will have seen the contestants ride through this little town as they headed for the toughest and most gruelling hill climb of the entire race. That takes place in the mountains above another similar little town a few kilometres further north along the coast.

Finally, we would add that in our opinion this extensive stretch of coastline, i.e. running from Ribeira to Finisterre, is possibly the most beautiful in Galicia (if not all of Spain). If you holiday in Galicia and you have a car it is certainly worth spending a day exploring this part of the regions coast.

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