Property in Lugo

There are a number of property specialists and estate agents operating in, or out of, the province of Lugo. Lugo is a long province with a very good supply of rural in-land houses and it brushes the coast in the north and then runs down the middle of Galicia. Lugo is probably the most economic area in Galicia in which to find a really cheap house or property deal (for renovation) - although it should be added that these rustic houses usually need substantial structural refurbishment.

The Lugo province is very agricultural and has lots of small villages and plenty of rural houses (casa rusticas). There are many properties in Lugo which fall nicely in to the "renovation required" category and these houses and casa rurales can offer extremely good value.

Lugo is less developed than some of the other galician regions, but it has amazing scenery and a none stop supply of old stone farm houses, former mills and bakeries etc. Many of which are the styles of property that appeal to UK and Eire buyers.

A house in Lugo is most likely to appeal to the person or family who want to escape from it all - and are prepared to spend some time and money converting a cheap house in to something special. There are of course new and recently refurbished houses in this province, but most overseas buyers opt for the traditional granite farm house in a good sized plot of land and take it from there. Many of these houses are in failry isolated rural spots, but for many buyers this only adds to their rustic appeal. Ultimately, everyone has a different idea of their Galician paradise.

Lugo only has one city of any size, the provincial capital, but there are numerous villages with great appeal and some larger towns like Mondonedo, with its own medieval quarter. Lugo also has an ever increasing "English speaking" population as more British and North American home buyers select lugo as there second home property location.

Property prices in Lugo

Along with Ourense, Lugo is the only province where you can realistically think about buying a house, refurbishing and possibly extending it, and do so for less than 100K euros. That said prices are steadily climbing and the really good deals are becoming slightly harder to find.

Estate agents and realtors can be found in Lugo, as can builders and companies specialising in upgrading older properties. But do not expect these conversions to be done quickly. Two years is the typical duration required to convert an old farm house or rustic property in to the archetypal rural cottage and in this part of the world things are rarely rushed. That said, what you can ultimately expect to gain for your time and money is none the less worth while and the cost of running this kind of property will be a pittance, i.e. probably around 1000 euros per year for rates, water, electricity and refuge combined.

Final comment Lugo is possibly the top spot for foreigners buying old "do-up" rustic rural properties in this part of Spain, but it falls a long way behind la Coruna and Pontevedra in terms of overall British buyer sales in Galicia.

If you hunt around you should be able to find a few specialist estate agents offering different kinds of properties (large and small rural houses and even country mansions) in Lugo.

The climate in Lugo is mild, but with cooler winters than the south of the region.


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