Property in Pontevedra

This page is aimed at providing some rough guides to finding property for sale in Pontevedra, but first, here is a quick summary of why you might want to choose Pontevedra as a location for a first or second home.

Located to the south of Galicia and running down the west coast, Pontevedra has a more balanced climate than the rest of the region. Its summers are hot, but rarely blisteringly so and its winters tend to be mild with temperatures (very) rarely seen below zero.

Property in Pontevedra tends to be more expensive than in the region's 3 other provinces, partly because of the climate, but also because of the close proximity to Portugal and its popularity with Spaniards (particularly in August).

Top property locations tend to be around the main cities of Pontevedra and Vigo, with towns like Sanxenxo and Cambados being very desirable. The island of la Toja (Toxa) and the area of O Grove are also prime real estate districts and prices close to the top amenities can be high.

Property agents and the kinds of houses available

There are a number of estate agents selling property in Pontevedra and the options include casas (houses) and apartments. The older, ideal for refurbishment houses, are not as liberally spread across Pontevedra as some of the other provinces and the “do uppers” for 100K euros are very rare.

Pontevedra does offer some exclusivity and a large number of houses for sale are close to or overlook the sea. The province is also well serviced by highways and Ponevedra city is perhaps the best of the region's cities from which to get to the other main towns. The scenery is great, it has some excellent wines and its desirability as a holiday destination is improving by the day.

Finding an estate agent in Pontevedra

By using this website you should be able to find information relating to estate agents offering all kinds of property types in Pontevedra, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and Sanxenxo etc.

If you visit Spanish property websites in search of houses in Galicia, once on a potentially interesting property site, use the search terms like, "Pontevedra, Vigo, Tui, Sanxenxo, Cambados, la Toja, O Grove", etc to select your location, plus words like "casa rurales", "casa rustica", "chalet" etc to locate the more rural or "out of the way" country locations.

Remember that finding a house to "do up" in Pontevedra is not as easy as it is in Lugo (where there are more renovation properties). Genuinely good properties for under 100K euros are also very hard to find – although they are still available if you search.


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