Visitor numbers and Search engine placement

1. Visitor numbers and traffic trends

  • On a daily basis, between 72% to 87% of our visitors are from English speaking nations (mainly the UK, Ireland, the USA and Canada). However we have had visitors from over 100 different countries and, during the course of any single day, we will see guests from 35 to 50 different nations. (The site also has some Spanish language content, accessed from the home page.)

  • Almost 2 out of every 5 of our visitors look at one or more of our advertising pages to find out about organising and booking hotels, buying property, car rental, flights, villas, tours etc. and almost 30% of our visitors make a return visit within 2 days.

  • Our visitors are not interested in Spain generally, they are looking specifically for visitor information and holiday or property buying services connected with Galicia.

With Vueling and Ryanair now offering direct low cost flights out of 2 UK airports daily (Heathrow, Stansted) and flying in to 3 Galician airports (Santiago, la Coruna and Vigo), more Britains than ever (over 5000 per week) are visiting Galicia and is where they start planning and making their holiday arrangements. If you want to be part of their plans, think about advertising with us.

2. Search Engine Traffic has a high profile on all the major search engines and ranks at number one on google, yahoo and msn for “Galicia Guide” as well as a range of other searches. The site is also listed on over 300 directories (including DMOZ) and has link exchanges with many other Galician and Spanish topic related web sites.

Our visitors come from a large range of different searches and we appear on page one or page two for over 650 significant Galicia themed searches. Below are some examples of our rankings on serps (search engine result pages) for each of the three major search engines (correct as of 02.Jan.2007).
*Our statistics for google are based on google's own 30 day average position stats published in their xml site map user data.

Key words entered
Number of results produced
Our position
(in search engine)
(for that search)
Galicia guide 3,700,000 1
Galicia Spain 5,700,000 3
Galicia 83,300,000 3
Spain main 429,000,000 1
Pontevedra 37,000,000 4
Pontevedra Galicia 1, 520,000 1 and 2
Santiago Galicia 1,750,000 1
Muros 5,560,000 3
la Coruna 25,500,000 2
Ourense Galicia 3,240,000 3
Lugo city 2,250,000 3
Santiago cathedral 1,220,000 3
hotel Galicia 8,700,000 4
villa Galicia 7,000,000 3
property Galicia 1,900,000 7
Galicia Spain 3,470,000 3
Galicia guide 797,000 1
Pontevedra Galicia 1,750,000 1
Muros 2,380,000 3
Lugo Galicia 1,570,000 1
Galicia 18,600,000 14
Santiago Galicia 5,700,000 7
Ourense Galicia 1,120,000 2
la Coruna Galicia 2,530,000 4
Galicia guide 142,157 1
property Galicia 90,000 6
Lugo Galicia 248,866 2
Hotels Galicia 112,282 5
Ourense Galicia 155,939 4
Galicia Spain 517,531 5

All Google visitor statistics and search engine positions shown were correct as of 11.56am (GMT) 10.Feb.2011.

As of February 2011, google searches represent about 93% of all our search engine traffic.

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