Posted: 08.11.2005.

The internet and Galicia

Internet connections in Galicia grow by almost 3% in the last year

In a recent survey of the use of information technology and equipment undertaken by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, internet connections in Galicia have grown 2.83% in the past year. Almost 5 million homes in Galicia now have access to the internet with broadband connections having increased 5.6%. Asturias, Galicia’s neighbour has seen the highest increase in internet connections – 5.89% and they are also one of the highest in terms of connection through broadband at 72.12%. This is higher than the Spanish average of 59.35%, but still considerably lower than the majority of other established EU states.

63% of Spaniards over 14 years of age don’t surf the net

According to a study undertaken by the BBVA Foundation, 63% of Spaniards over 14 do not use the internet concluding that the ‘digital breach’ still exists. Rafael Brown, director of the foundation, believes there is a social explanation to this.

On a more positive note, the survey also found that more than 50% of Spanish homes now have a computer, most of which are relatively new.

A new system opens the door to have access to broadband in the countryside

So far trying to connect to broadband in the Galician countryside is nigh impossible and the wifi system is very limited. However, in the near future this limitation will be a thing of the past with the advent of Wimax, a technology based on high frequency radio waves with an operational range of 60 kilometres.

This would allow many people who currently cannot connect to the internet to be able to do so. The main stumbling block at present is that the installation of a fibre optic network is too expensive. However, through an initiative by the "Diputación de A Coruña", the new technology is currently being tested in a pilot programme in the locality of Fene where 75 families are enjoying the freedom the technology has to offer them.

It is thought that in two to four years it will revolutionise the information technology market, at least according to the "Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega (Feuga)". The technology is based on VHF radio waves, at a frequency of around 2,500 mhz (FM radio is normally about 100 mhz).

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