Porto do Son

Porto do Son is a coastal municipality on the western side of "Sierra de Barbanza" (mountain range) and overlooks the "Ria de Muros y Noia" (bay of Muros). The Porto do Son municipality is approximately 23km long by 6km wide and is around 45km from Santiago de Compostela.

Porto do Son - A bit of everything

For the tourist looking for beauty and beaches the Porto do Son stretch of coast is a must. One of its main towns, Porto Sin, attracts many visitors, particularly to its Nautical club which has tranformed this seaside region into one of the most important ports in Galicia for water related sports and activities.

It also attracts people wishing to see a genuine Galician working fishing village, again in the form of "Porto Sin's" original old town.

If you like your panoramic views, then a trip to "A Atalaia" and "Fonforron" will afford spectacular vistas of Galicia's rouged and beach scattered Atlantic coastline.

Below, the harbour at the coastal town of "Porto Sin" (within the "Porto do Son" conurbation) on the mouth of the Muros-Noia bay with the private yacht club and Marina to the right (July 2002).

The harbour at Porto Sin

The geography of Porto do Son

The population of Porto do Son is around 11000, but this is spread throughout many small villages scattered along the coast. These include, Xuno, Barona, Queiruga, Goians, Nebre, Ribasiera, Minorto, Noal and many more. Beaches in the Porto do Son area include, Aguieire, Subigrexas, Arealonga, Caaveiro and Fonforron, to name but a few.

A couple of highlights

In "Xuno" you will see a picturesque part of the Galician country still featuring living echoes of its past including a Roman bridge and old settlement.

In "Barona" the remains of an ancient Celtic tribal dwelling can still be seen, now preserved for visitors, but the overwhelming impression of this region is shaped by the scenic views. Yellow-white beaches are constantly overlooked by forests of pine and eucalyptus, climbing their way up mountainous slopes and nature, in its truest sense, really does abound.

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