Our plans for GaliciaGuide.com to the end of 2012

2012 (posted 29 February)

The second half of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 have seen a number of new additions to the town guides (generally expansions and extra pages). The flight and travel information sections have been updated a few times, however the big project was the new Camino section which was completed in 2011. This sees the biggest single addition to Galicia Guide for several years. On going updates will continue throughout 2012.

2011 (posted 12 May 2011)

So far in 2011 we have added some extra town guide pages and we have amended the "getting to Galicia" section with current information covering flights and airlines for the foreseeable future. A number of other minor amendments have also been made.

Our next "big" project will be an all new section on the Camino de Santiago. This section will extend to more than 50 pages and it will provide highly detailed information on the full French Way (Camino Frances). It will cover all stages of this route and highlight points of interest, the history of the route etc. The content has already been written, however the formatting of pages and selection of photos mean that it will be late summer or Autumn (Fall) before we can upload the new content. (This was completed in August 2011)


This year is a Jubilee year for Santiago de Compostela’s famous cathedral and we have added some extra content about this event to reflect this. Several pages in the Town’s Guide section have been updated and some corrections and amendments have been made to some of the main city guide pages. There is updated information about flights and ferries and any new news about “getting to Galicia” will be added as soon as we hear of it. There are no plans to add any additional town guides at present, although we do have four unpublished mini guides that will be added at some point.

2009 plans

Galicia Guide had its 1,000,000th visitor earlier this year and this encourages us to continually add to and improve our guide to this beautiful region of Spain. So far this year we have added additional pages to many of the town guides (e.g. Muros, Noia, Finestere etc) and we have also up-dated numerous information areas in the light of new information and changes to pages originally uploaded in previous years. Posted 12 August 2009.

2008 Summary

2008 saw numerous new mini town guides added to GaliciaGuide.com along with some layout changes to take account of MS Explorer 7. The content on a number of pages was also updated to bring it into line with 2008 and the same adjustments will be required for 2009.

Because of other commitments we are no longer listing updates and additions as they take place, however the site continues to be a work-in-progress as new content is added on a regular basis. This can be evidenced by the increase in page count over the last 12 months which have seen around 40 new pages and over 100 new photosgraphs.

September 2007

A new 13 page guide to Vigo has replaced the original 2 page guide. Vigo content now includes 7000 words and around 40 photos (12 September).

June 2007

Despite little in the way of new town guides, I have been doing a lot of work on the site. I "think" that I have resized all the photos so that they will render properly on monitors of all size formats and I have replaced some photos and updated some page's information. I have also removed some "bugs" that were affecting IE 7. Thanks to everyone who has given feedback. I have also been putting together a new site about northern Spain called asturiasguide.com which you can get to from a link from the main page.

May 2007

We have returned from Galicia and there will be some general upadtes with new photos, extra info on weather etc. I have also started changing the format of photos from relative to absolute sizing (this will remove the distortion on high definition monitors and laptops). Sorry to anyone who does not currently see the pics as intended. I will sort it all out over the next 4 weeks. Also, several new guides have been posted in the "Towns" section since February.

February and March 2007

Over the next month a total of 15 new town guides will appear. These all date from our 2006 Galician excursion. I have already uploaded a brief 3 page taster about Galicia’s neighbouring region of Asturias, plus the first 4 new Galician town guides. 11 to go.

January 2007

Despite a lack of updates, work on GaliciaGuide.com has continued with additional town guides and some holiday services being uploaded. More town guides are also ready, but will be added periodically over the next 2 to 3 months.

October 2006

Several new town and city guides have been added and updated over the course of 11th to 16th of October 2006. See the list on our Towns index page. Further holiday services including, additional car rental companies, travel insurance providers, airport parking reservation and rail ticket reservation have also been added to our new Holiday Services page. More town guides we be added over the forth comming weeks. The delay in adding these guides has been down to health problems with our webmaster - sorry.

What we will be adding and where our new information will come from

We have spent the whole of July 2006 in Galicia visiting towns, exploring monasteries and castles and experiencing everything from the cuisine and beaches of the region to the Galician way of life.

We have taken over 1000 photographs, recorded approximately 8 hours of digital video, seen medieval festivals, and travelled around Galicia by car accumulating over 4800km during our trips to its four provinces. Naturally we have consumed significant amounts of tapas and the odd bottle of vino, but first and foremost we have looked for interesting and beautiful places for you to explore and relax in on a Galician holiday.

All told we have a wealth of fresh information and this will progressively appear in Galicia Guide over the forth coming months, quite literally doubling our page count to almost 600 pure content pages by April or May 2007.

On the way

As a taster, there will be around 40 new mini guides to the various towns and monuments we have visited including towns like Betanzos in la Coruna and the hill top village and castle at Caldelas in Ourense.

We will also be updating many of our existing town and city guides to give our most recent first hand experience and opinions of places like Ferrol and Vigo and significantly expanding our sections on Gastronomy, Beaches and Rias and Galicia General areas, amongst others.

Enhancing your Galician experience

We will also be offering more tourist tips and pointers to help you avoid the pit falls of holidaying around Galicia’s fledgling tourism industry as well as adding some alternative navigation mechanisms. These will including image maps, provincial guides and monument indexes to help you get the most out of Galicia Guide online without frustrating searches.

We will continue to add and expand the site’s commercial resources to help you organise your Galician holiday, or assist in the search for and purchase of a casa in the region.

The addition of our hotel booking pages has resulted in an additional 300 to 400 page views per day, so we realise the value of these services to our visitors and we intend to enhance them, but in a way that does not disrupt our guide content.

Galicia Guide in hard copy

Finally, we are now working in partnership towards the publication of a hard copy of Galicia Guide that you can use as your travel companion and we will be producing a DVD tourist video guide to Galicia in 2007.

As ever feel free to contact us directly with any questions, comments or opinions you have about Galicia in Green Spain.

Questions about places to visit and holiday itineraries

Please note The idea behind Galicia Guide is to provide you with the necessary information to make informed choices about where in Galicia to visit. The site now has over 550 picture packed pages to help you do this. Please do not contact us asking if we will compile visitor itineraries for you. If you require this kind of service you will find advertisers on this site who will do this for you and naturally make a charge. Unlike every other tour guide on the internet this site is both free and, on all the content pages, free from advertising, It is not run for profit, is not connected with the Galician or Spanish tourism industry and does not have permanent employees. Please respect this.

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