BD's thoughts about Galicia, the Celts and celtism

I would like to make a simple point on the interesting debate, are the Galicians Celts ?
It seems plain that any objective measure (language, genes ) of 'celtic-ness' is impossible, wether in Galicia or any other so called celtic country.
Therefore it is almost wholly a subjective issue - if a person or group of people regard themselves as celtic, then they ARE celtic no matter how tenuos the link to any supposedly objective measure. And what is wrong with that ?
It is comparable to a situation in Italy at present where I know that there is a revival in interest in the pre-Roman peoples of the Italian peninsula.
Some people feel a strong sense of identity with whichever ancient people occupied their locality, e.g. Umbria. Who is to say that that is all airy-fairy nonsense ? If you want to deal solely in facts then it is a fact that what is known about how our genes work is a drop in the ocean.

I am Scottish and love Galician music. Its similarity with traditional Scottish and Irish music is obvious. Add to that, Galicia's rocky Atlantic coastline and I immediately recognise a kindred people and place.
And I don't require scientific proof of it.

The key question on the issue, I think, is simply- do Galicians (or some of them) regard themselves as celtic ? If so, then that is good enough for me.


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