Noia Gallery 1

This is page one of the Noia gallery. It shows a selection of photos, many already included in this Galicia Guide. Each picture has a caption below, indicating the subject of the photo and the approximate date on which it was taken.
1. Noia, the end bar under the apartment building on the new town square opposite the town hall. (2004)
2. A typical terrace featuring the balcony and "mirador" detail in Noia. (2004)
3. One of the many granite and cast iron benches that are a feature of Noia's main town square. (2003/4)
4. Some buildings near San Martino church.
5. A bust in the gardened section of Noia's main town square (la alameda). (2003)
6. One of Noia's main and busy streets. (2003)
7. Noia, the chapel and original convent cloister accessed via the town hall. (2003)
8. A fountain adjacent to the main plaza to the side of Noia's town hall. (2002).
9. Looking out into the bay. There was a strange "low mist" phenomena on this day. (2003)
10. A view of Noia's town hall dating from only the 1950's. (2004)
11. Our favourite tapas bar, "la parra" is under the arches in the older district of Noia. (2004)
12. A small mansion house facing Noia's main plaza, the fountain (No.8 above) is visible in the foreground. (2002)
13. This street is the focus of Noia's outdoor market on Thursdays and Mondays. (2003)
14. One of the small bar areas in the medieval district of Noia. (2004)
15. The old convent building next to the town hall in the main piazza of Noia. (2004)
16. A night view looking past the town hall (on the left) in the direction of old Noia. (2003)
17. A view looking up to the district of "el couto" where my wife's grandmother and cousin have houses. (2002)
18. One of Noia's original and long old street. (2002)
19. "Limon" in concert at the "San Martino" festival. (2003)
20. A display of tomb stones within Noia's Santa Maria museum. (2004)

This page has a few photos of Noia.

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