Noia Gallery 2

This is the second page of the Noia gallery with pictures 21 to 34 depicting various sight in Galicia's medieval town of Noia. Sorry, the pictures cannot be enlarged by "clicking".
21. This shot was taken on a Saturday night at 1.30am in the morning on the main piazza. (2003)
22. A view showing part of Noia and taken from the balcony of my wife's cousin's house. (2004)
23. Amazingly this "falling down" ruin is actually in the old plaza facing San Martino church. (2004)
24. On the right is the tourist cabin and on the left, a marquee holding a demonstration celebrating Noia as a sea port. (2004)
25. Noia, looking down the length of the main "alameda", lined with both palm and deciduous trees. (2003)
26. A postcard view of "la alameda". The town hall and pink apartment block are just in view on the right.
27. The "churreria" in Noia's indoor market. (2003)
28. Noia, "Santa Maria", the former church, now a museum. (2004)
29. A busy street in Noia. (2002)
30. Market day and the crowds are out. (2002)
31. Looking down inside Noia's indoor market. (2003)
32. A view across the main "alameda" at the town hall. (2002)
33. Noia's convent and town hall facing the main piazza. (2004)
34. An old mansion house adjacent to San Martino church. (2004)
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