Galicia's Poets Corner

Another peom by Galician writer, Segundo Ramos, again translated from the original version in Spanish.


By Segundo Ramos

The shadows of the night
loosing the battle
With the light of dawn
The sun's rays
gleaming through the clouds
like sharp spears
entering the blue waves
of the calm sea
The rainbow, like a pergola
over both sides of the estuary
Colours of the month of May
unspoil spectacle
Nature at it's best.

Sacred sea of Spain
Of great naval victory's
and stormy tragedy's
Discoverer of New Worlds
Taker of young lifes
The mariner's friend
and his most forceful enemy.

Traveling waters
Caresing the lands of Germany
Please send a message
To an German rose
in the midled of Frankfurt
that is trying to survive
in the labyrinth of life
Please God wach over her
for she is our friend
We are Watching her
from the balcony
of hope.

I for one thinking
Of life's brevity
It only seems yesterday
I was driving home
on the road's of Finchley
to find Pilar and you
basking in the garden
Happy that in a small way
we were part of each other's live's
that it gives me the chance
to write this
and dedicated it to you
with all our love
Segundo and Pilar
(and children)

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