Basque Country Cities

The main cities in the Basque region are Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Santander and San Sebastian and we offer some very brief summaries below. If you want to find out more, take a look at one of the many websites about this region through a search on one of the search engines.

An interesting fact - it is generally accepted that the Spanish snack known as "tapas" originated in the Basque region and it is in this area that you will still find Spain's best tapas bars.


Bilbao is the largest, the most industrial and the most prosperous of the Basque cities. In the past it has been regarded as the economic engine of the region and rarely thought of as a tourist center - although things are now changing. Bilbao is a cathedral city and it has a number of architecturally notable building in its historic quarter.

Vitoria Gasteiz

Vitoria Gasteiz is a provincial capital and is probably one of the more appealing Basque cities for the foreign visitor. It is less industrial than Bilbao and also boasts a historic district with a good atmosphere, cuisine and culture. There is plenty to see and, like all Spanish towns, if you time your trip well you may get to experience one of its summer fiestas.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is arguably the top Basque destination from the perspective of a tourist. The old town is attractive and holds many interesting buildings including churches and traditional houses. San Sebastian is also seen as a holiday destination by Spaniards from other parts of Spain is known for the high quality of its beaches.

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