Spain - Language tips

Words and phrases that will help you get by in Galicia, Spain

This page gives you a few language tips that may help you out on a holiday in Galicia or Spain. All the words used are spoken across Spain (i.e. castillano), as opposed to the Galician dialect of "Gallego" which is only spoken in Galicia and is closer to the tongue of Portugal than Spain.

Although the inhabitants of many small towns like Noia and Muros will speak "gallego" to one another, they still speak regular Spanish as well. A couple of examples of "gallego" versus "castillano" would be "Noia" and "Noya" and "praia" and "playa" (the word for beach), the former being "gallego" in each case.

Essential words you must know to get by in Spain

Greetings and courtesy in Spain

These are the basic greetings and salutations that you need in order to be polite in Spain, they all apply in Galicia too.

Requesting something in Spain

It's always important, not just to know how to ask for something in Spain, but also to be able to understand the answer. e.g. Questions like, "where is the hospital" may result in a list of directions which you don't understand. That said, here are some basic Spanish phrases that may help.

People's titles in Spain

When addresing a man or woman in Spain, whom you do not know, you call them the equivalent of "sir" or "madam", which is the same as Mr or Mrs.

Other words and phrases you may come across in Spain

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