National Bank Holidays & Fiestas in Spain

If you are planning a trip to Galicia, or any other part of Spain, you may want to consider the dates of Spain's main holidays and festivals. Throughout Spain festivities are celebrated with music, dancing, fireworks and a whole range of other activities. Most of these holidays also have a religious connotation as well.

If you like the idea of seeing a major festival or fiesta, then you can select vacation dates that take in one of these events. Alternatively, if the hustle and bustle you are likely to encounter puts you off, you can plan your holiday so as to avoid them.

Spain's National Annual Holidays

1st January
New Years Day (Ano Nuevo)
6th January
Last day of Christmas ("Dia de los Reyes" or 12th night)
19th March
Fathers Day (San Jose)
As in the UK/USA
Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
As in the UK/USA
Easter Sunday (Dia de Pascua)
1st May
Spanish (EU) Labour Day (Dia del Trabajo)
24st June
St.John's Day (San Juan)
Religeous calendar date
"Corpus Christi"
29th June
The Saints days of Peter & Paul (San Pedro y San Pablo)
25th July
St. James Day, the festival of "Santiago" (Patron of Spain)
15th August
"Asuncion" (?)
12th October
Columbus Day (Dia de la Hispanidad)
1st November
All Saints Day (Todos los Santos)
6th December
Constitution Day (Dia de la Constitucion
8th December
The Day of the Immaculate Conception (Immaculada Concepcion)
25th December
Christmas Day (Navidad)

Other Holidays and festivals in Spain

In addition to the holidays listed above, every region of Spain has its own regional and provincial celebrations. If you visit the Galicia guide page for the city or region you plan to visit, any known festivities will be listed there.

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