The European Nation of Spain

At present our "general" spanish content is limited, but we have provided you with links to some excellent Spanish sites below.

If you are interested in Galicia and its cities, then follow this link Galician cities for a brief summary of Santiago, Pontevedra, Lugo, Ourense and A Coruna. If you want to explore anywhere in Galicia in detail, use the main-menu buttons to the left and watch out for sub-menu buttons appearing for each main section to the right. These will allow you to explore each city and province in much greater detail.

We now have in excess of 550 pages about the Galician region of Spain and what it can offer the tourist, will also offer some information about Asturias and you can also visit the website Asturias Guide ( to find out more,so please take a look around.

For information on Spain "as a whole", take a look at these three sites (we have no connection with them other than exchanged links and a couple of articles I have published on the former): The best general guide to everything about Spain and living there (in our opinion), with a clever "image map" that allows you to select any part of Spain simply by clicking on it. Another good site that offers information about Spain. excellent site that offers information about Spain and everything Spanish. Again this is a very large site and also has a lot of excellent links that enable you to find out about literally everything Spanish - highly recommended.

And please visit our site again.

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