Beaches and our conclusion on A Pobra do Caraminal

A stretch of sand called "A Cabio" is apparently A Pobra do Caraminal best known beach and has an EU quality flag.

A Pobra do Caraminal beach

Other local beaches are, "A Corna" and "O Areal" which are close to the town centre and "A Lomina" which is a bit further away. bit further away. All are said to be pretty good.

The beach that we saw was located just beyond A Pobra do Caraminal’s port and ran adjacent to much of the town. Unfortunately, we did not identify it by name at the time, but it had a few beach facing bars and a footpath running alongside. It also curved appealingly around A Pobra’s bay and had a yellow and very fine texture to the sand.

Above and below, the main beach next to the town of A Pobra do Caraminal. The second shot shows the walk way that runs along side of the beach.

A Pobra do Caraminal beach path

Our main view of this beach came shortly before we departed A Pobra do Caraminal. We had finished looking around and wondered down to the edge of town to find somewhere for a cool drink. The bar we found was only metres from the sand and gave us a great view of the harbour to the left, the beach to the right and open sea directly in front.

A Pobra do Caraminal – our verdict

The best places to visit are always those about which you no little, or have few, if any, expectations. For us, A Pobra do Caraminal definitely slipped nicely in to both of those categories and we were duly impressed.

A Pobra was clean, in fact it was spotless when we were there. It is easily explored, both in terms of its size and its level of elevation. It has a superb alameda and an attractive port offering a glimpse in to a genuine fishing lifestyle plus a view of the boats owned by the wealthy. A Pobra do Caraminal has plenty of bars and eateries and the large beach that we saw was clean and enticing.

An old building

All told, if you plan to take a drive along the coast of the "ria de Arousa", then A Pobra do Caraminal is a stop off you should definitely make.

Finally, a closing photo showing an unusual two dimensional bust of what we assume to be a famous local citizen! The location was the gardened section of A Pobra do Caraminal's alameda.

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