A Pobra do Caraminal's festivals

The feast of the Nazareno and " las Mortajas"

How would you feel about carrying your own coffin (casket) through your local town or district, aided and abetted by your friends and family and watched by the rest of the community?

Well that is exactly what happens during A Pobra do Caraminal's unique and bizarre September procession known as "las Mortajas". This elaborate procession takes place as the "high point" of the "fiesta or feast of the Nazareno".

Other Fiesta celebrations in A Pobra do Caraminal

Whilst none of A Pobra's other fiestas quite compare with the ritual of "las Mortajas", they are still important in the communities timetable and are listed below.

An old building

Since we don't currently have a photo of the fiesta celebrations, here is a picture of the alameda with a large stage at the far end awaiting the production of a Galician ballet later that same evening.

Finally, as with all our town and city guides, if you visit Pobra do Caraminal and have an opinion, good or bad, let us know and we will add it to the page in question.

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