Porto do Son Fiestas (festivals)

Spain and Galicia celebrate all manor of historic and religious events through festivals and Porto do Son is no exception. The Celtic fiesta Many of these festivals take place near a church or town square, whilst others, eg. one of those at Queiruga, actually happen next to the beach. It simply depends on where the event is and what it is celebrating.

Below I have listed some of the better known fiestas of Porto do Son. They are in no particular order, or level of importance and there will be several other, lesser fiestas, that I have not mentioned that will also take place.

The fiesta of "Santa Carmen"

This festival is celebrated throughout Galicia's sea ports, but does not happen on the same date in every town. In Porto do Son it occurs in the month of August (1st weekend) and, by all accounts, involves a spectacular sea procession. It is centered on a blessing of the oceans many offerings and sardines appear to occupy a position of particular privilege. If you are around during this festival you will be able to sample the local sardines, free of charge.

The fiesta of "Curro de Enxa"

Also taking place during a similar time is the "Curro de Enxa". The history of this event is focussed on the rounding up and collection of wild horses, but today it involves some more mundane, but entertaining games similar to "blind mans buff" as well.

Horses do however still play a significant role and races and displays of these animals will also be scheduled as part of the fiesta. One of the highlights of the "horsey" events is the "rapa das bestas", which is the cutting or trimming of the horses manes. A simulation of the rounding up and "penning/coralling" of the horses, called "encierro" also takes place. Music, dancing and food, in the form of veal and octopus (pulpo) are also staple ingredients of the "Curro de Enxa".

The fiestas of "Pulpo (octopus)" and the fiesta of the "Cruceiro de Montemuino"

These are two further August happening festivals. The former involves the eating of the regions best pulpo (octopus). The pulpo is cooked in the traditional style in large copper pots and chopped in to bite sized pieces with scissors, before being consumed off wooden plates. Well prepared pulpo should never be "chewy" or "rubbery". Traditionally this festival happens on the second Saturday in August.

The festival of the "Cruceiro of Montemuino" refers to one of the ornate stone crosses that are a big feature of Galicia. In practical terms the fiesta is all about eating "empanada", a traditional Galician pie, and in this case the empanada is cooked in public on an open hearth. The event is on the third Sunday of August every year.

Porto do Sons final fiesta of the year"

A fiesta celebrating the "pilgrimage of Loreto" is the final act in the festival calendar of Porto do Son. It takes place in September and runs for four days (7th to 11th August). It also doubles as the biggest festival that the conurabtion has to offer with the pilgrimage itself scheduled for the 9th of the month.

The fiesta has, amongst other things, a street parade, a "cook out" or barbeque - where sardines are again very important, and a closing firework display - again typical of most of Galicia's larger fiesta events.

A couple more brief summaries of Porto do Son fiestas

A stall selling handcrafted items at a fiesta in Porto do Son

Easter Monday (in either March or April) is always celebrated and is preceded by a festival in the parish of "Caamano" honouring yet another pilgrimage, this time to the shrine of "Nuestra Senora de Pedafurada".

In July the feast of "Santa Isabel" and also "San telmo" form part of Porto do Sons commemorations.

Also in July, one of the two biggest fiesta months, is a celebration to mark " San Benito de Serans" and this is based in the town of Muro.

A further two festivals in August are, the "feast of San Cayetano", about which I know nothing, and the Celtic fair. The Celtic fair is actually a "made up" fair that plays on the history of many of Galicia's old quarters. The town's historic district is dressed up in a medieval way and there are stalls and performers themed to the event. You can find out more by clicking on the button in thr right hand menu title - Celtic Fiesta.

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