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A list of A Coruna's main museums

La Coruna has many museums, some grand in scale and others representing the "time warp" held history of a single old building in its original form. Amongst the most notable of these museums are:

A Coruna and food

The cuisine of A Coruna (city) is similar to that of Santiago de Compostela and the other Galician towns of this province, but benifits from A Coruna's proximity to the coast. As such it combines the best of farmed produce with the daily arrivals of fresh fish and seafood.

Throughout Galicia shellfish of all types are popular and A Coruna's gastronomy includes every variety of crab, lobster, prawn and crustacian. Popular dishes include:

Char grilled sole, a variety of fish and shell fish stews and hake with garlic, onion and sometimes carrot.

Away from the sea, pork shoulder with parsnips is a popular and traditional recipe and the empanada, a pie or pasty filled with any quality meat or fish, can be found everywhere. The potato also makes frequent appearances as does veal, pork, beef and corn fed chicken.

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