The Promenade and Marina front at A Coruna

One of A Coruna's most visible features is its relatively new sea facing promenade and the interesting buildings and sights that line it. The long promenade at A Coruna city The main city is set back slightly from this walkway and there is also a road that separates the path from the town.

The promenade was started in the late nineteen eighties and the ultimate goal is that it will extend around the greater city to a total length of approximately eight miles. At exactly what stage the project is at the present we could not determine, but it gives the impression of being complete and certainly runs around the city bay and beyond. Above, part of the wide sea facing promenade.

The reason for mentioning the prom' so prominently is two fold. Firstly, if you leave the city center and explore the bay and harbour area you will no doubt walk along the promenade which is well designed and attractive. Secondly, this path also has several of A Coruna's tourist high points on its trail and allows you to leave and re-enter the various district of the town.

If you are not of an energetic disposition, walking the promenade is not your only option. A tram system runs along part of its length and has important tourist stops at some of the city's main sights - although the ride itself is now one of A Coruna's tourist activities.

What to see on the promenade

Aside from the combination of ocean and city views, the prom' has some of the city's most important visitor attractions and one of them is the Castillo de San Anton, now a museum. The Castillo de San Anton This castle (photo below) sits on a small headland that divides the main port area of A Coruna from the larger bay of A Coruna. The castle was originally built in the sixteenth century, but altered and amended over time. It strikes an imposing image, particularly at night when is has some subtle illumination. Visiting the museum requires the purchase of a ticket and the artefacts inside it are varied, but all connected to the surrounding area.

Also reached alternatively by the promenade, tram or car, is la Corunna's most famous symbol, its lighthouse called the Tower of Hercules. You can find out more about it by clicking this link.

If you follow the route of the promenade round to the small bay known as the "Ensenada Domus museum, A Coruna del Orzan", you will encounter one of the city's newer, but equally striking buildings. This building is the "Domus", an interactive museum dedicated to man and everything connected to him. It was designed by Arata Isozaki and looks completely different to everything else in A Coruna. Right, the Domus.

Continuing the promenade route beyond the Domus, you reach the city beaches of "Riazor" and "Orzan", both of which have large waves and are ideal for surfing and you can also enter some of the newer district of the town at this point.

At the opposite and perhaps main section of the promenade, you have A Coruna's large and impressive port. The city still undertakes fishing and naval activities, but three quarters of A Coruna's port control building its traffic is now industrial including oil and coal cargos. Large Cruise liners also dock at la Corunna and the bay is constantly busy with ships embarking and disembarking.

Other sights that you can enjoy, or access, from the prom' include the "Millenium Obelisk", a giant needle like structure (as pointless as every other millennium project I have seen), the futuristic and attention grabbing port control building (photo to the left), some sections of the old town's original Roman wall and the city's modern Aquarium.

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