Beaches in Lugo

As Galicia's most northerly province, Lugo's coastline lies to the east of the cooler Atlantic ocean and has its shores massaged by the warmer waters of the "Mar Cantabrico". This results in the sea temperatures in Lugo being two or three degrees centigrade higher than they are in the rest of Galicia. If you are also in a sheltered "ria" (bay), this can result in the sea feeling quite warm and almost creating the impression that you are in the Mediterranean.


At present our list of beaches in Lugo is quite limited, but those mentioned below are the better known and more widely used by bathers.

If you don't mind sharing the sand with others, then the beaches at, "Catedrais", "Longa" and "Areoura" have a good reputation with sun bathers, but can get very bus at peak times.

If you want something a little quieter, then the beaches (or praia/playa) of "Esteirio", "Arealonga" (Vicedo) and "Llas" offer a less crowded, but equally appealing option.

Further beaches in Lugo province include

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Remember, the best beaches are rarely sign posted

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