The festivals (fiestas) of Lugo

The province of Lugo has a number of festivities that occur throughout the year, but in comparison with the other provinces their numbers are low. This is in part because Lugo has fewer pilgrimage sanctuaries than the other provinces, but also because there a less connections (and documented visits) from saints.

Most of the festivals that do occur and are likely to be of the greatest interest to a tourist, take place in the mid to late summer period between July and August.

All the religious fiestas and processions that are celebrated in A Coruna, Pontevedra and Ourense are also enthusiastically supported in Lugo. Examples of these are Easter and Corpus Christi.

A few of Lugo's festivals

This list will be updated once we have more information.

Fiesta de San Froilan

Ofrenda do Reino de Galicia o Santisimo Sacramento

Corpus Christi

San Juan

Santa Maria (advocation of the Virgin)

See the Lugo Resources page for a link to further information about Lugo festivals.

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