Galicia Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide links and information about other Galicia resources. The url's included are primarily those of small sites or blogs that you would not ordinarily find through search engines, but that we think you may feel are worth a look. Also be sure to check out the resources page associated with each of the main cities/provinces which you reach via the menu to the left.

General Resources This is a blog with lots of personal views, descriptions and photos about various places in Galicia and especially Ourense. It is worth a look. Another blog, this time covering some places in Galicia that the author visited. A daily blog that takes an amusing look a Galicia from a British resident who lives there - this blog has a massive readership and ranks highly on all search engines.

Anglo Galician Association (AGA) This is an association that should be of interest to anyone with a connection or link with Galicia. It will enable you to make contact with others who are also interested in, or living in, Galicia and who share the English language (whatever their nationality). To find out more about the AGA, click this link.

If you are in Galicia and want to visit a gym, this site, Gym visit tells you where they are.

Maps of Galicia and its provinces This site has some maps of Galicia, Vigo etc. - Galicia maps page Blow up maps of each of the regions 4 provinces (also printable).

If you have any useful urls that you would like us to add, contact us with the details.

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