Pontevedra's Festivals

Festivals or fiestas, both large and small, take place across Pontevedra. Most have a religious symbolism and many have evolved over hundreds of years and now have myths and tall tales associated with them.

The exact day upon which a festival falls may vary slightly each year depending on e.g. the occurrence of a saints day or Easter, but they do take place at generally consistent times year after year. Fiestas celebrating food tend to be on a specific day, perhaps the last Sunday of a month, whilst saints days and other religious days are tied down to a calendar date.

Pontevedra province's first fiesta of the year is in January and its last is in November, but if you want to visit, and enjoy the festival atmosphere, you need to hone in on July and especially August when the larger festivities take place.

A list of Pontevedra's Festivals

This list is perhaps not completely exhaustive, but it is fairly comprehensive. Each entry includes, the name of the fiesta, its location and date in brackets and some brief details about it. The details are only to give an indication of the festivals nature, e.g. religious, gastronomic etc. For simplicity Pontevedra's festivals are listed by calendar month (but randomly within each month). Major religious festivals like Easter and Corpus Christi are not mentioned separately.







Certain major festivals are held across the entire province (and generally the whole of Galicia) in July and these are:

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Festivals July (cont) - August
Festivals September - November

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