Pontevedra Resources and useful links.

This page is a collection point for any miscellaneous links or pieces of information that relate to and may be useful in connection with Pontevedra.

A personal view of Pontevedra city

To get a personal view of Pontevedra, both city and province, visit the web site of Colin Davies, a British citizen who now lives in and writes about this province. His highly entertaining and information rich personal web site is colindavies.net.
Colin, who I must confess is a good friend, also has a daily blog which amusingly highlights some of Galicia's idiosyncrasies and, I believe, has a daily readership in excess of 1000 visitors. If you want to take a look, follow this link - colindavies.blogspot.com - it is highly entertaining.

Official sites

The Galician Xunta (government) funded web site is called turgalicia. It has some useful content if you are looking for accommodation and some of its sections are in English language. Unfortunately, it is not very well designed and is difficult to use. www.turgalicia.es. The address of turgalicia is: Estrada Santiago-Noia. 3km. (A BArca) 15896 Santiago de Compostela A Coruna and the phone number is 902200 432 (internal).

If you speak spanish, then concellopontevedra.es is the official provincial site about the area.

Other information sources.

Another useful source of information on Pontevedra is the Rias Baixas tourism department which has tourist offices and produces a range of leaflets and guides about Pontevedra and the surrounding area. Also check out our links page which has a number of directories containing many useful Spanish links.

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