The Chapterhouse and fountain of horses

This building is to be found on the "Plaza de las Platerias" (silversmith's The chapterhouse square), although it is the fountain, the "Fuente de los Caballos" (fountain of horses), that resides in the middle of this square that is more frequently referred to in guide books and tourist maps. To be honest, we were not even aware of this fountain at the time and consequently took no specific pictures of it!

Above, a photograph of the main facade of the splendid Chapterhouse building to one end of the Platerias square. The "Fuente de los Caballos" is in view in the foreground and also the picture below.

Personally I found the fountain far from awe inspiring, but the Chapterhouse building is a stunning piece of what I take to be a fusion of baroque and neo-classical design. The fountain of horses (fuente de los Caballos) building's appearance is also enhanced by the fact that you can look down on it from some stairs a short distance away on the other side of the plaza.

Many people do in fact fail to notice the Chapterhouse when they first pass by it. The reason, Santiago cathedral lies in full view directly in front of the Chapterhouse and for many this is the first good view they get of Galicia's most famous monument.

Typical of most of Santiago's older buildings, the Chapterhouse is constructed from Galician granite, but the eyes (or a least mine) are drawn away from the main body of the structure to The chapterhouse from on high the delicate rail and balustrade detailing around the roof. There is also a central tower and numerous balconies making this building a great addition to the Silversmiths square.

Historically and architecturally we have been unable to find out anything more about this building at least for now.

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