More historic buildings in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago has no shortage of memorable buildings, both civic and religious and, although some Large stone cross are frequently given a higher priority than others, many are worth a closer inspection. Trying to show photos of all of them would be a near impossible task and it would also take away the enjoyment of spotting something that is not shown in the guides if you visit.

However, here are a couple more interesting structures that you will see if you choose to visit the magnificent medieval old town of Santiago de Compostela.

Right, a large stone cross or "cruciero" close to Santiago cathedral and the Obradioro square This is one of the most ornate crucieros in Galicia.

San Francisco church, Santiago

Left, this is the church of San Francisco which is part of a monastery of the same name and also sits at the end of San Francisco street.

The stone cross, pictured above, is in close proximity to this church and many of the other main monuments in the old town.

Large stone cross

Right, an example of one of the many large granite stone buildings found all over the old district of Santiago de Compostela. If my memory serves me correctly, this is on part of San Francisco street (or if not, it sits near by) and you can see the large stone cross (picture at the top of the page) in the distance at the end of the street. Back to Santiago de Compostela main page.

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