Ourense Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide further information sources about the province and city of Ourense and to give you some links to sites connected with holidays and property in the region.

Unfortunately, as an area with few international visitors, Ourense has very little English, French and German language coverage on the internet at present. As a result, we are struggling to find resources that offer information beyond that contained in galiciaguide.com. If you are aware of any such web resources, please email us (using the contact link at the top of the page) and we will add the site in question to this page.

1. This is a page on an Ourense blog with some information and links about Ourense.

2. This is a Spanish language tour guide Ourense en Espanol, but there are no English pages - you can of course use a translator.

3. There are some sites that I hate linking to and this is one of them. If you submit an article to world66 they quickly credit a member of the editing staff as the author - despicable. But this link may non the less be of some interest useful link

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