Noia (Galicia) Treasure Hunt

If you want something active and challenging to do in Noia, then have a go at galiciaguide's "Noia treasure hunt" (it's not really that active or challenging).

Below are some photo's and tasks that will help you to explore some of Noia's more and less interesting sights. If you want to take on the challenge, make a copy of this page and answer the questions as you find them - You will have to be in Noia itself to go on the hunt!

The main (new) town square or plazza

This is large and has several items on the hunt. By the way if you can't find it just ask someone - "donde esta la alameda" (where is the square?)

Noia granite bench

Question 1

The alameda has many cast iron and granite benches (see right). Some are as recent as 1997 but the oldest ones date back two centuries. What is the date on the oldest benches? (the date is in the lattice iron work.

small bust in Noia

Question 2

If you walk from the main alameda towards the town center (with the town hall to your left), you will approach the gardened area of the plaza. Here you should see the cast iron bust, pictured to the right. What is the name of the person the bust depicts? - it is on the plaque below.

seal fountain

Question 3

Still in the gardened area of the new and large piazza there is a small fountain with water spouting from a seal's mouth - you may have to look to find it. Does the seal face towards the square or away from it?

Question 4

No picture clue for this one.
If you have found the first three answers you can now leave Noia's main alameda and head for the old town, but before you do there is another bust of Galicia's most famous citizen in the gardened part of the plaza. It is pretty tall (on a column), so you should not miss it and your task is to find out who this statue/bust is of!

The old town

Now you are heading for the old town and you need to cross the main road in front of you so as to have this building (below) to your left. Bank In other words you walk down the path you can see in this photo and across the road. You will be heading down a slight down slope and in a few metres time you will have the Santa Maria church entrance (now a museum on your left). Enter the church grounds and go in to the church itself.

Question 5

How many tomb stones are there lying horizontally immeditely in front of the church alter?

You now need to head in to the medieval district which requires you to exit the church from the entrance through which you entered it. You will then need to cross the main one way road (look left for traffic) and then head left (down this street) before taking the first available righ turn. This road is pedestrianised. Follow this street to the end and then continue across (its a kind of cross roads - no vehicles allowed). You are now in the medieval district - your next starting point, and that's all the help you are going to get!

Question 6 and 7

Find San Martino church, it's very famous throughout Galicia and is at one end of Noia's historic quarter. Look at the main arch to the churches original old entrance (the door is green), and count the number of appostles lining this arch - how many are there? There is also a window above this arch. What shape is it? Traitors casa

Question 8

As you face San Martino, you are stood in the Tapal plaza. behind you is the building in the photo to the right. What is the name of the bar under the canopy?

Question 9 A and B

Now leave this square by passing the church on your right and take the first left you come to. You should now be in the heart of the medieval district with granite arched builings lining this alley. What material/construction is the surface of this road ? and what is the name of the barber's shop to the right?

Question 10

Two of the best known and best tasting tapas bars in Noia should now be either side of you. La Parra to your left and La Tasca to your right. To get a mark for this question, order a drink and/or some tapas at one of them and then find out either - The name of the owner at la Tasca (it begins with P), or the number of tapas dishes served at La Parra (it's a low number).?

Noia's theatre

Question 11

Now you've had a break and some refreshment it's time for some more exercise and your next task is to find Noia's theatre. It's not too far away, but you will have to leave the main medieval area. To help you there is a picture on the right! When you get there walk under the arched entrance and count how many doors the theatre has?


Question 12

Leave the theatre and head back up the road (towards the old district again), keeping the theatre to your right and find Noia's indoor market (it will be on your left). Enter the market, it has 2 levels. Which level has the churreria?

Narrow path

Finally question 13, unlucky for some!

A bit more adventurous now. See if you can find the narrow street, right, with the first floor level walkway running across it? It's still in the medieval district. By the way, there are two different ones, but you only get a point for spotting this one!

All finished! If you managed to answer each of the questions above you will have seen, or passed on route, most of what Noia has to offer. If not, then start again and try a bit harder!

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