Our recommendations (Where to eat and drink in Noia, Galicia)

Everybody's tastes are different, so the recommendations below are our personal opinions on where to get a drink, have some tapas or sit down for a meal in Noia. Any "yellow boxed" links will take you to a more detailed review. In summary, going out for a relaxed casual meal is popular in Galicia, so bars where you can get some tapas or other quickly prepared dish proliferate. These bars usually serve good value snack style meals, normally with a regional flavour. Eating out formally however is not so popular, tradition dictates that families have a long relaxed meal in the comfort of their own home. This normally takes place during the siesta hours between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. As a result formal restaurants in Galicia can be limited, expensive and not always that good.

Something to drink and maybe some tapas

Here is a link to some reviews of the better known and more popular cafe and tapas bars bars in Noia's alameda, medieval district and bay area.

Formal restaurants in Noia

Eating on a budget

A coffee and cakes

Breads and pastries

Churros: the traditional breakfast of Galicia and Spain

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